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A sudden loss of income can be difficult for many families. Navigating day to day without knowing how bills will be paid or groceries bought can be devastating to a family and difficult to recover from. Concerns of how insurance policies, car payments, or utility bills will be paid quickly shifts to the realization that the funds for mortgage payments or rental payments just aren’t there.

We craft solutions.

There is help for workers who have lost their income due to accidental injury or medical illness. A disability policy offers income protection to those who, while under a doctor’s care, cannot return to work. Filing a disability claim with an insurance company will allow you to receive a cash benefit on a weekly or monthly basis until you are able to get back to work. The benefits received from a disability policy help provide for the essential daily needs as well as living expenses.

Most employers offer disability coverage to their employees, either paid by the company or by the employee as a voluntary benefit. The benefits range from short-term policies, which could be up to a 6-month benefit pay-out period, to long-term policies, which might have a benefit pay-out period until age 65. There are many plan provisions and combinations of benefits to consider when adding disability coverage to an employee benefits package.

We’re here to help.

We have a Registered Employee Benefits Consultant that can help you craft a solution to complement the existing benefits portfolio, ensuring no overlaps or gaps in your coverage.

A Field & Main Insurance team member is ready to assist you!

Paula Beck | Senior Account Manager | (812) 473-8960 |

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