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COVID-19 Update

By April 30, 2020COVID-19


Right now, our daily lives are all being impacted by COVID-19. Some of us may be working from home, many have the added responsibility of helping their children to be successful in their new non-traditional learning environment, and unfortunately, there are others who may have lost their job or are furloughed until their employer can reopen their business.

Field & Main Insurance understands the inconvenience and disruption caused by this pandemic, and we are fortunate to be partnered with some remarkable insurance companies that understand too.

What does this mean for our customers?

As an Independent Insurance Agency, we represent many different insurance companies. This means that we are able to craft the best coverages for our customers, at an affordable price.  During these unprecedented times, many of the insurance companies we represent are offering a variety of payment options and in some cases are offering a return of a percentage of premiums on personal lines auto policies.

Auto Insurance companies recognize that while people are “sheltering at home” and working from home they are driving less, resulting in fewer accidents. Therefore, many of the insurance companies that Field & Main Insurance represents are giving a return of premium on personal auto policies. In many cases, they are returning a percentage of two months of your premium, and estimate that eligible clients will start receiving this near the end of May and June. To qualify, your policy would need to have remained active during the qualification period. If you have any questions about which insurance companies are participating in this program or any other questions, please call us for more information.

If paying your insurance has become a challenge due to the effects of COVID-19, you should contact your insurance company directly.  Doing this may prevent a cancellation for non-payment of your premium and might also uncover options for assistance with your premium payment.  If you need guidance with this, again, we invite you to contact the Field & Main Insurance Team, as we are always here to help.

“As this situation continues to evolve we find more and more insurance companies stepping up to help their clients. The list of companies and their ways to help continue to change. We remain in contact with our insurance companies and their evolving responses to the pandemic.  We are here for you and are happy to help.” – Whitney Floyd, Vice-President, Field & Main Insurance

Field & Main Insurance is here for you during this time. While our doors remain locked and like many of you, our offices have moved to our homes, we can still be reached by phone, email, and in virtual meeting spaces. Thank you for allowing us to provide your insurance.

Henderson | 270.827.3543

Evansville | 812.473.8960

Insurance products are not insured by the FDIC or any federal government agency, provide no bank guarantee and are not a deposit.

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