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Food Truck Insurance 101

Learn more about food truck insurance so you can make an informed decision on your coverage.

Food Truck
Business Auto
Risk Factor

Your business is mobile and will likely travel from location to location for various jobs. If your truck is involved in a collision, you risk not just your ability to move your business where it needs to be but also the ability to operate at all. In addition to collisions, the truck is also at risk for theft, fire, vehicle breakdown, and electrical hazards.


Regardless of the size of your truck or your operation, personal auto insurance likely will not be enough. Once you operate your vehicle for commercial purposes, a business auto policy is necessary. Other factors, including the type of foods and beverages you’re serving as well as the equipment and property inside the truck, will also need to be considered.

Business Income
Risk Factor

In the event of a covered loss, most policies include coverage for the income you cannot collect. For example, if your truck is stolen or damaged and you can’t run your business, what will you do? Other concerns, such as supply chain issues, can also cause you to have to shut down temporarily.


Business income insurance may protect you in cases where you’re unable to operate your business. Be sure to consider contingent business income coverage to protect against losses caused by an inability to get the supplies you need due to shortages.

Liquor Liability
Risk Factor

If your food truck offers alcohol, your business is at risk. If someone is over-served, you could be held responsible for damages or injuries that person causes while intoxicated.


A liquor liability policy may cover expenses related to legal defense costs, court fees, and civil or criminal damages that are the result of an incident involving alcohol.

Food Contamination / Spoilage
Risk Factor

Many factors can lead to food contamination or spoilage, including a power outage or an equipment failure. When this happens, the food must be discarded, which can result in financial loss.


This coverage may help cover the cost of replacement of the spoiled food. This coverage is commonly included in policies, but it’s important to confirm you have a sufficient limit and understand the covered perils.

Inland Marine
Risk Factor

Because your business travels from location to location, the standard commercial property insurance policy won’t provide all the coverage you need. And although you’ll have a commercial auto policy to cover your truck, it won’t necessarily provide enough protection for everything inside it.


Inland marine insurance offers protection for commercial property while it is in transit. If the contents of your truck, including equipment and inventory, are damaged while on the move, this type of policy can prevent significant financial loss. Common covered perils include collision, theft, and fire, but you’ll want to consult your policy for specifics.

Employment Practice Liability Insurance (EPLI)
Risk Factor

On average, it’s estimated that three out of five businesses will be sued by their employees. While there is nothing you can do to prevent someone from filing a lawsuit, you can limit the costs of defending a legal claim with proper insurance coverage.


Obtain employment practice liability insurance (EPLI) to protect your business from alleged employment-related acts such as wrongful termination, failure to promote, discrimination, and sexual harassment.

Cyber Liability
Risk Factor

The internet has spun a whole new web of liability exposures. E-commerce, social networking, cloud storage, and other technologies bring great benefits to large and small businesses alike. But with these benefits also come challenges, including protection of privacy, data, and the financial information of your customers.


Cyber liability insurance protects your business in the event of unauthorized access to electronic data or software within your network. It also provides coverage for spreading a virus, extortion, accidental release of personal identifiable information, and resultant damage caused by a lost or stolen laptop or other mobile device. This coverage is quickly becoming more and more important as you embrace technology to help run your business.

Product Liability
Risk Factor

Your food is your product, and if someone gets sick after eating at your truck, you can be held responsible. Even if your food was not the cause of someone’s illness, defending your business against the accusation can be costly.


Product liability can provide coverage that pays for legal fees and awarded settlements if you’re accused of or found liable for harm caused by your food. Although a general liability policy may offer some protection, a product liability policy may add an extra layer and peace of mind.

Employee Theft
Risk Factor

Your food truck offers easy access to cash, credit cards, and food. Employees can steal from you or a third party, such as a customer or vendor.


Employee theft coverage offers protection against financial losses due to dishonest or fraudulent actions by an employee. This coverage is sometimes referred to as employee dishonesty or crime insurance.

Equipment Breakdown
Risk Factor

Equipment such as freezers, stoves, dishwashers, and air conditioning units are vital when running a food truck. If a power surge or mechanical failure results in equipment breakdown, your business can experience expensive repairs and lost income.


Make sure you maintain systems breakdown insurance, including business interruption and spoilage coverage, so that you can get your business up and running again without suffering financial setbacks.

Running a food truck is exciting but exposes operators to significant risks without the right insurance. Liability insurance is crucial for potential accidents involving customers or pedestrians, while property insurance safeguards against damage to the truck and equipment. Business interruption insurance becomes vital for unexpected events that could lead to income losses. In the competitive world of food trucks, having the correct insurance is essential for the business’s resilience and long-term success.

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